Fit to Lead? The USFG’s Missteps on Climate Change Leadership

Posted By NLee on 16 Jan 2015 – 4:27pm in Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Climate Change, Geology, Social Sciences, Politics, Sociology

The politician that was once in charge of reducing funding to NASA has recently been put in charge of a senate state committee that effectively controls NASA. Additionally, a vehemently opposed climate-change detractor is also the head of the United States Senate’s Environmental committee as reported by Engadget. Simply put, how can we expect to put our faith in topic-challenged individuals (Republican Senators Ted Cruz and James Inhofe) that have little understanding about each area they’re now controlling?

There are larger implications to questionable moves our lawmakers are making. Cruz “once told CNN that climate change was a hoax and a bogus theory that was designed to be immune to detractors” and that “there has never been a day in the history of the world in which the climate is not changing.” Such incompetence should NOT be tolerated and the criterion for electing these members should be based on a credible background and not by merit.

Inhofe on the other hand has made claims that “thus far, no one has seriously demonstrated any scientific proof that increased global temperatures would lead to the catastrophes predicted by alarmists.” This is in direct conflict with what 97% of climate scientists believe. These outlandish claims by the pair only proves that they are incapable of heading committees in which they offer no substance or expertise in. In effect, any decision made by the two Republic Senators automatically disqualify any recommendations made.

We must look at the bigger picture on how we let something like this happen and furthermore must take action to impede steps backwards in the face of a revitalized space program and in combating climate change. We cannot allow detractors and misinformed buffoons to dictate our world’s environmental sustainability.

Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Climate Change, Geology, Social Sciences, Politics, Sociology
USFG, Climate Change

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