The Supercivilization Book Series

John Moser, M.D.
©2018 Humans for a Healthier World Publishing
Napa Valley, California

The Supercivilization: Survival in the Era of Human vs Human

Theoretical Version: 720 text pages

What do health care, climate change, terrorism, illegal immigration, substance abuse, and international geopolitical strife all have in common? They are all problems directly related to the rise of modern humans and the development of what John Moser M.D. calls the Third Biosociophysical Era of Humanity: Human Versus Human. Moser argues that all of these problems stem from our inevitable biosociophysical development whereby we have created an extremely difficult predicament: our overwhelming, unremitting, and mandatory socialization.

Although bipedal hominins have existed for over four million years, we have existed primarily as a small group animal with unbounded territory and little need for comprehensive socialization. Due to our massive interconnectedness, declining resource base, and transparent disparity in wealth throughout the world today, we are now facing the ultimate catastrophe: ourselves. Our biological, physical, and social development is at a critical stage whereby we must, paradoxically, use our newfound sociological capabilities that we ourselves have ignominiously created to solve these major problems.

Moser argues the problems humans faced in the past were natural and predictable, because they were based on the inanimate laws of the universe. Humans thrived in that environment creating our own success as the dominant animal. Unfortunately, now we are left primarily with human-induced problems that are light-years more difficult to resolve and completely unpredictable. Sociological hurdles that will impede seemingly straightforward solutions will displace natural problems as our primary challenge, making humanity’s predicament far more problematic. Will we ultimately be successful? Moser believes there is, by default, one extraordinary solution left: an overarching global government that will empower and enfranchise all humans and create a world only of “us” thereby forever ridding the world of “them” and freeing us from our biosociophysical reality that could destroy us all.

The Supercivilization: Survival in the Era of Human vs Human – Abridged Edition

Abridged Version: 399 text pages

This is a consolidated version with many of the basic points laid out without an in-depth analysis. This version is designed for the high school level reader who can obtain the basic concepts without thinking about the theory in great detail. This includes the Mission Statement for Humanity and the basic theory behind its implementation. The outline is essentially the same as the theoretical version, but the chapters are shorter and a quicker read.

The Supercivilization: Survival in the Era of Human vs Human – Essential Concepts

Essential Concepts Version: 255 text pages

This is the cliff notes version of the Supercivilization. This is designed as a quick reference in an outline format for the busy individual who doesn’t have time to sit down and read the theoretical version. This version will allow the individual to understand the basics of the Mission Statement for Humanity and why Dr. Moser proposes it as a key to resolving our problems in a time of intense sociological struggle.

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So You Want to Know About the Supercivilization

Pre-Teen and Late Grammar School Version: 100 text pages

This is designed for the child 8-13 years of age who is just discovering some basic sociological and scientific concepts. The goal is not to overburden the reader with facts but leave the young reader with a sense of understanding as to why The Supercivilization should become a part of our lives. Explaining concepts such as limited resource utilization, cooperation, and controlled competition will be emphasized.

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Fun With the Supercivilization

Introductory Reader: 50 text pages

Readers who are first learning the written language at ages 3-7 will find this fascinating. Instead of fun with Dick and Jane, we encourage a closer look at concepts of cooperation and limited resource utilization. It is designed to bring to children a sense of cooperation and asks them to imagine the possibility of a world that promotes fundamentally good health, nutrition, and careful use of resources.

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The Supercivilization Coloring Book

Nursery School: 30 text pages

One can never start too early by introducing concepts that are a basic part of human life. The goal with this coloring book is to introduce the youngest members of our Supercivilization (ages 1-5) to the idea today of cooperation, good health, and limited resource utilization. This will be done primarily through pictures and give them an opportunity to express themselves with crayons and markers. Instead of encouraging younger people to fight for survival or engage in violent acts to promote self-worth, we will encourage them to think of “us” and forever eliminate the concept of “them.” Encouraging cooperation with carefully controlled competition is a key part of this coloring book.