About Humans for a Healthier World

Humans for a Healthier World is a nonprofit organization promoting the Mission Statement for Humanity. By promoting this mission statement, we hope to avoid serious resource declines, promote better standards of living, and mitigate and even eliminate the possibility of a self-induced annihilation throughout the world. Humanity has never had a more critical time due to the possibility of self-annihilation, and we need to all come together and create unprecedented cooperation. We fear that the twenty-first century could be humanity’s last. Our goal is to gather the signatures of all seven billion people in the world in support of The Mission Statement. Based upon John Moser’s book, The Supericivilization: Survival in the Era of Human Versus Human, Humans for a Healthier World’s goal is to promote all ten points in The Mission Statement for Humanity. Humans for a Healthier World is a recognized 501(c)3 registered with the State of California, USA. It is an active corporation headquartered in Napa Valley, California, USA. We are based in Napa Valley, California, USA and we welcome all seven billion members of The Supercivilization to join us in our quest. Dr. Moser started this project in 2001 after 9/11 and has been working on the foundation for the Mission Statement and his book for the past 15 years. His motives were an outgrowth of the poor handling of 9/11 and the onset of two wars spent “getting back at” foreign terrorists. Moser feels that terrorism is a symptom of a much larger problem: the sociologically modern world in which we have too much interconnectedness, too few resources, and too much disparity in wealth. Can we navigate a course through the twenty-first century without a major die-off? Moser is not optimistic but feels the fundamental changes must be sociological in nature and so far the changes are insufficient to really give humanity a chance at self-survival. Until we develop newer, more fundamentally effective global institutions, such as a more effective global government, humanity will be a great risk for suicide.