By John Moser

Posted May 18, 2018

Humans for a Healthier World was founded in 2009 as a nonprofit that is working to fight for the survival of humanity.  We need to promote the realistic notion that we could see a significant die-off this century. This very well could be the largest die-off by sheer numbers in the history of our species.  Because we now have a declining resource base, massive increases in interconnectedness, and growing disparities in wealth, this century remains ripe for a massive die-off. How? As I have pointed out in my book, the problems are not due to events outside our control; these events are primarily sociological as we have not created sufficiently stable institutions that would allow us to deal most effectively with these fundamental problems. Unfortunately, we have not even acknowledged these three problems as demonstrated by the continued election of leaders who oppose these solutions.

Obtaining funding is the key to our success.  We cannot promote our solutions without your help and without resources.  We will remain insignificant, a tiny speck of sand on a beach a mile long, if we cannot have resources necessary to promote our vision.

Our vision for the future continues to remain bright with ideas, but we need your help.  These ideas cannot become a reality until we get your help. A few potential ideas that await funding:

  1. The Supercivilization Café—a coffee café that will feature coffee and treats along with open dialogue about the future of humanity.  Guest interviews of local officials, business leaders, and celebrities will also be planned. Also, live feeds between shops around the world is eventually envisioned with topics for the day to discuss seeking understanding.  Also, we plan to have gift cards for people who guess things like world population growth, atmospheric CO2 levels, and social issues like guessing disparities in wealth. The shop will have monitors asking questions that are relevant to our survival. We will make people think while they are in the café.
  2. Future Memberships—Will make available to individuals that include The Supercivilization Book Series and HHW-sponsored goods along with use of membership cards in The Supercivilization Cafes. Also, members will have access to portals of entry to major news organizations for free.  
  3. Annual Convention with HHW Awards—Annual conventions for HHW to award prizes to those people deserving of awards for their contributions to humanity.  
  4. Multinews Deal for HHW Members—We want to create stable, carefully edited and reliable information for all people around the world. We will encourage members of HHW to review our “HHW reliable list of news organizations” where only the most sacrosanct news reporting in an unbiased fashion can be obtained.
  5. Science Network—Given the decline of science that is occurring, we hope to create a science network with partners to create a reliable news organization for the general public about science and scientific discoveries.  Science and the scientific method are the key to our survival and without good science reporting we will be subject to the whims of vested interests who promote pseudoscience.
  6. Rally Against Fox News—Since we feel Fox News presents biased reporting that is of questionable value and fairness to all of us, we will be promoting rallies against Fox News.
  7. THE HHW Minute—Looking for participating news agencies to promote the HHW minute in which we give a factoid about the world over a minute period.

Please help us by contacting us at [email protected] to learn more about what you can do and give us advice on how to promote a healthier world.